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Eagle Cuda 300

By: ChuckMElliott
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Date: Sep 28, 2009
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Eagle Cuda 300 Compact Fishfinder Review

Chuck Elliott

I recently had the opportunity of using an Eagle Cuda 300 Compact Fish Finder for a day. The Eagle Cuda is an entry-level graph, made for the average weekend fisherman. I have been using the bigger, higher resolution graphs for several years now, and I'll be the first to admit that I was doubtful that the Cuda was going to be able to do the same job as the graphs that cost thousands of dollars, such as the Lowrance HDS 10 Fishfinder or the Humminbird 997 SI Fishfinder.

Eagle  Cuda  300 Compact Fishfinder

The first thing I noticed when I got on the lake is the lack of buttons on the face of the Eagle Cuda 300. I was a little disappointed, as it appeared to have very few features. But after playing around with the graph for just a few minutes, I found that was absolutely not the case! The Cuda has 90% of the features that my big graphs have, plus the Eagle Cuda Fishfinder is much, much easier to use.

After fishing most of the morning getting very comfortable with the little graph, I decided to find out if the Cuda 300 could find brush piles and schools of bait as well as my more expensive units. I trolled over to a brush pile I fish quite often, and was quite surprised. Although the Eagle Cuda doesn't have a real high resolution, the brush and bait was really easy to find. Bait was easily distinguishable from brush, and if the angle was right, I could even see my lure on the display!

The Eagle Cuda is a good fish and depth finder for the casual angler who fishes on the weekends, and has all of the features you'll really ever need.

The only drawbacks to the Cuda 300 for me were:

1. Small Screen, won't be a problem for most.
2. Low resolution, but still good enough to see most of what you need to.
3. Mount is not very rigid, may cause problems in rough water.

The Eagle Cuda 300 may not have side imaging sonar, or VGA resolution, but for a graph that costs less than a pair of shoes it'll sure get the job done!

Chuck's tips:

If you are going to mount your new graph on the bow of the boat, seriously consider mounting the transducer to the trolling motor. By mounting the transducer to the trolling motor, you will always be looking at what is right under your feet. This will give you more precision when fishing vertically on offshore structure and brushpiles, ect.

The Eagle Cuda 300 is available online at

About Chuck:

Chuck has been an avid bass tournament fisherman and part time fishing guide for over 20 years, and has developed a deep love for teaching people how to catch more and bigger fish. He is active in his local bass clubs, as well as the B.A.S.S. National Federation.

Chuck was 2004 Erath County Bass Club Angler of the Year, 2004 Stephenville Bass Club 2nd Place Angler of the Year, 2005 Stephenville 2nd Place Angler of the Year, and 2005 B.A.S.S. Federation West Region Tour Champion.

Chuck currently lives in Stephenville, Tx. with his wife and four children and fishes several times a week.
If you have questions or comments for Chuck or just want to know what the fish are biting, please email him directly at:




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