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P-Line CXX Fishing Line Review

By: ChuckMElliott
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Date: Sep 29, 2009
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P-Line CXX X-tra Strong - Tournament Quality Fishing Line

Chuck Elliott

What qualities do you like in a fishing line? Strong? Tough? Abrasion resistant? Good casting? How about all of these!

I have been tournament fishing for most of my life, and I can say without a doubt there is nothing worse than losing a big fish and subsequently losing the tournament due to poor quality line. I have had the opportunity to try most brands of line on the market, and can say with confidence, that I have found one brand of line that has many of the qualities that make a line great to fish with.

P-Line CXX is the line of choice for me when I have to perform. It's strong, tough, abrasion resistant, and casts pretty decent.

P-Line  CXX X-tra Strong Monofilament - 260-300 Yards

CXX fishing line shines in high shock situations, such as flipping, where a hard hookset is required to bring the fish out of cover. P-Line CXX handles the shock. Most lines are strong, but don't take shock well. This is a very important factor to choosing the line I use, as I have a bigger than average hookset.

P-Line CXX is strong too. Just try to break a lure off when you get hung up! Good luck! You'll be pulling your boat right up to where you got hung, just like you were pulling a rope hand over hand.

Abrasion resistance is a key component of this line. P-Line CXX has a coating on it that makes it very slick, allowing the line to slide over rocks, wood, and metal rather than saw like most lines do. Every time I have a fish on and fighting in heavy cover, I'm sure glad I spooled up P-line.

Castability with CXX X-tra Strong is good, but not excellent. The reason for this is the stiffness of the line. The qualities which make it strong and abrasion resistant also make it stiff. CXX tends to coil and hold memory after being spooled for a couple of days. See Chuck's tips for dealing with this factor of the line.

Overall, P-Line CXX has the qualities I need in a line, and I use it on about 75% of my rods for tournament fishing. True, there are some situations where CXX will not be the best choice, but if I could just have one line to use, this would be it! The line is available online at

Chuck's Tips:

P-line CXX is a great line, however, it can be a challenge to cast, so try these tips to get those lures in the strike zone:

1. Change line often. I change my line after every single day of fishing. Changing your line often ensures that your line will not be tightly coiled with memory, and therefore easier to cast.

2. Use a line conditioner, such as KVD Line Conditioner. It helps to make the line slicker and smoother, which makes casting easier.

3. Don't allow excessive twist to build up in your line. When you see twist beginning to develop, cut your lure off, and let some line out while you drag it behind the boat. This will eliminate line twist.

4. To get more bites with this line, use the green color line for working lures on the bottom such as jigs and Carolina rigs. Use the clear color line for working lures off the bottom such as topwaters and spinnerbaits.

About Chuck:

Chuck has been an avid bass tournament fisherman and part time fishing guide for over 20 years, and has developed a deep love for teaching people how to catch more and bigger fish. He is active in his local bass clubs, as well as the B.A.S.S. National Federation.

Chuck was 2004 Erath County Bass Club Angler of the Year, 2004 Stephenville Bass Club 2nd Place Angler of the Year, 2005 Stephenville 2nd Place Angler of the Year, and 2005 B.A.S.S. Federation West Region Tour Champion.

Chuck currently lives in Stephenville, Tx. with his wife and four children and fishes several times a week.
If you have questions or comments for Chuck or just want to know what the fish are biting, please email him directly at:




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