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Sage TCX Fly Rod Review

By: admin
Mood: - Fly Fishing Rod Reviews
Date: Oct 05, 2009
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Sage TCX Flyfishing Rods Product Review - Cast For Extreme Distance With The Sage TCX

When you are fly fishing with a streamer it is very important to make long casts and cover a lot of water. Quite simply, the more water that you cover, the more fish you will catch! Any time that I am fly fishing in saltwater or night fishing the San Juan my goal is to heave my fly out as far as possible so that I have the best chance of dragging my fly right in front of a fish's nose.

If you are fly casting for distance than there is no better better rod to use than the Sage TCX.

Sage TCX

Sage TCX Fly Rods are designed in such a way that maximizes your distance. The Sage TCX is light, smooth and powerful. It is an exceptional rod for a variety of fishing situations. And not that your ego should play role in your fly fishing endeavors, but the distance that you will be able to achieve with this rod will impress your friends and other anglers out of the water :)

If you're looking for a good rod that will cast like a gem, handle any fish that you are likely to hook into and feel like a million bucks in your hand than I would highly recommend a Sage TCX Fly Fishing Rod. The rod is available online with free shipping from




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