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Catch and Release Livewell Additive Review

By: ChuckMElliott
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Date: Oct 12, 2009
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Catch and Release Calming Livewell Additive - Keep Your Bass Alive Well For Fishing Tournament Weigh-ins

Chuck Elliott

Most if not all fishing tournaments held today require the fish weighed in to be alive and healthy with the penalty for dead fish being points taken away, or disqualification. This, of course, is an essential part of the conservation of America's favorite sport fish.

Keeping fish alive and healthy can be a major challenge for a tournament angler. Not only does the angler have to worry about catching the fish, he also has to ensure that his fish make it to weigh-in in good shape, and subsequently back to their natural environment safely.

Modern day bass boats have excellent livewells with optimal aeration systems, and go a long way to sustaining a tournament winning stringer. But sometimes, the livewell and aerators are not enough. Let me give you an example of when your fish might need a little extra care:

I remember fishing an excellent west Texas lake in the late summer. The month was August, and the bass were locked in on a summer pattern in deep water. Fishing was easy. All you had to do was find schools of bait on top of deep water humps, throw your Carolina rig out there, and reel in the fish. The bass were running big too. I had culled up to a 5 pounder and had 30 pounds of fish in my livewell, and my partner had close to twenty. The problem was that the fish did not have quality water in the livewell due to the Texas heat, and by one in the afternoon, two of my bigger fish had expired, despite running the aerators continuously. At weigh-in, I was penalized 4 pounds for my two dead fish, and lost the tournament by less than a pound.

I knew that some of my fellow competitors were using a product called Catch and Release Livewell Additive, but I had never tried it myself. Why, after all, did I need to use this stuff? I had the latest up to date livewell system available. I shouldn't need to use an additive. Right?

Well, after losing a tournament, and subsequently, a nice paycheck, I decided to try out this stuff called Catch and Release Calming Livewell Additive. The very next weekend, I found some fish on the deepwater pattern during a tournament on a South Texas lake. The fishing was great, but the best part was all the fish I weighed in made it back to the water healthy. The Catch and Release really saved my tail that day, as temps were well over 100 degrees, and the dissolved oxygen content of my livewell water was very low due to the heat.

The strategy was simple. After I filled my livewells up, I switched them to recirculate mode. Then every two hours or so, I'd make sure the livewells were full and add a capful of Catch and Release to the water. It's as easy as that.

Since I started using Catch and Release over 10 years ago, I've only had one bass that didn't make it to weigh-in, and that was due to me ripping one of his gills out on the hookset.

Another benefit of Catch and Release Livewell Additive is that it calms fish. Your catch won't be bumping around in the livewell swimming for his life; the fish will be nice and calm throughout the day. Catch and Release also increases the slime coat production of the fish, resulting in fewer post tournament mortalities due to infection.

Catch and Release is an outstanding product that I don't go fishing without. I recommend that you go to Bass Pro Shops and order some Catch and Release online before your next fishing trip!

Catch and Release Calming Livewell Additive

Chuck's Tips:
Catch and Release is a great product, however, it can be messy if not handled properly. Store your jars of catch and release inside a ziplock bag in your boat. Even if the lid does come off the jar, the bag will contain the mess.

In addition to catch and release, I also add ice to my livewell in the summer months. You don't want to add too much ice, it will give the fish thermal shock, rather add small increments of ice until your livewell is just a degree or so cooler than the surface temperature than the lake water. I use small 8oz frozen water bottles to cool my livewell

About Chuck:


Chuck has been an avid bass tournament fisherman and part time fishing guide for over 20 years, and has developed a deep love for teaching people how to catch more and bigger fish. He is active in his local bass clubs, as well as the B.A.S.S. National Federation.

Chuck was 2004 Erath County Bass Club Angler of the Year, 2004 Stephenville Bass Club 2nd Place Angler of the Year, 2005 Stephenville 2nd Place Angler of the Year, and 2005 B.A.S.S. Federation West Region Tour Champion.

Chuck currently lives in Stephenville, Tx. with his wife and four children and fishes several times a week.
If you have questions or comments for Chuck or just want to know what the fish are biting, please email him directly at:




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