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Why You Should Pinch Down The Barbs On Your....

By: bigfish44
Mood: Other
Date: Apr 30, 2009
Music: None

Barbs are fine if you are keeping what you catch to eat... but if you're just snapping fishing photos than be sure to grab some pliers and pinch off that barb! The chances that you will be able to cleanly release the fish without harming it are so much greater if you remove the barb. There is a good chance that you will damage the fish's jaw if you try to remove a barbed hook after a good hook set. This can kill the fish. There is no need for that. Let's preserve the fish population for the next time you head out there! Barbs should have no place in catch and release fishing! In many places, like in the catch and release water on the San Juan River, for example, barbs are not allowed, and for good reason.

Just recently my buddy caught a nice largemouth while bass fishing at Union Lake and he spent five minutes trying to jerk the hook out of the poor fish's mouth. He just couldn't get it loose. I am almost certain that he killed this fish, which is unfortunate because it was a nice spawning female. So pinch off those barbs folks! A cheap pair of pliers will do the trick.




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